Magic Plasma Ball.
Magic Plasma Ball.
Magic Plasma Ball.

Magic Plasma Ball

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Magic Plasma Ball Sphere Lamp with Touch Sensor

Create a fantastic decorative atmosphere in your home with this magic plasma ball sphere lighting lamp. This magical lamp creates a fabulous light show and features a switch button with sound control.

You can control the light with your fingers, just touch the sphere, and inner lightning rays will follow your fingers. This is a perfect decorative gadget for any environment.


- An attractive high-tech gadget that creates a beautiful atmosphere

- The magic plasma ball boasts a high-quality halogen tungsten lamp

- Thanks to the sound control function, it makes various shapes of the spark that follows the musical rhythm

- Control the lightning rays with your hand or fingers, thanks to the touch sensor

- The magic plasma ball night lamp is powered by the USB, use the included cable to connect it to the power source

- The magic plasma sphere ball is made of pure glass

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